Getting Involved With Food Not Bombs Las Vegas

Interested in Food Not Bombs in Las Vegas? Want to meet like-minded people? There’s lots you can do to get involved and nobody in charge you need to ask first for permission. We work through direct action and group consensus—just go ahead and do what you can, and work together with fellow Food Not Bombers if you all agree to work together on something. (We believe in putting the old Wobbly saying, We are all leaders here, into practice.) Your fellow FNBers have resources and information we can hook you up with to help you out. There’s always plenty for active FNBers to do, and most of it’s easy to get done, if one of us just steps up to do it. If there’s anything in particular that you want to get involved with, or find out more about from fellow local FNBers, get in touch through the contact form. For example….

  • You could post flyers, posters, and handbills around town to spread the word about Food Not Bombs, our free meals, and our organizational meet-ups. Your fellow FNBers have some designs we can hook you up with, or you can design your own. The Our Literature section of this website has files online that you can print out from your own computer, or you can pick up pre-printed paper copies at any of our regular gatherings.

  • If you know people who’d be interested in Food Not Bombs, you could talk about us with them, and encourage them to come join us for some free food and check out what we do.

  • You could pick up free vegetarian food to share through Food Not Bombs, from grocery stores and restaurants that are willing to donate food that would otherwise be thrown away; or from dumpster-diving for clean, still-edible food at other stores; or from you or your friends’ jobs, gardens, or any other alternative food source you may have access to. Take some food to eat or share yourself, then drop off the rest at one of our drop-off houses where other FNBers can pick it up. Your fellow FNBers have information and resources we can share for talking with store managers, finding good dumpsters, and a lot else. We can also go out together and work together on picking up, unloading, dumpster- diving, or whatever else we need to do.

  • You could help prepare food for our public food-sharing events by picking up food from an FNB drop-off house, cooking meals with it, and bringing what you’ve made to the park. Your fellow FNBers have food you can use and recipes, or we can get together, share the work and the kitchen space, and have some fun cooking together.

  • You can pick up free food and just share it with your friends or family or neighbors, even if you can’t make one of the public picnics. This is mutual aid, not charity, and the point is to get good food to anybody who needs to eat, whether or not it happens at a public event. You can pick up food from our drop-off houses, and share it with anyone you know who would enjoy a free meal.

  • You could volunteer to work with your fellow FNBers to set up outreach tables and talk with people at public events like rallies, protests, and fairs, where we can share literature to let people know about Food Not Bombs and what we do, or share free food with people at the event, or both.

  • You could help out your fellow FNBers by sharing or lending pots, pans, plates, utensils, napkins, tasty vegan recipes, etc. etc. etc. If you know a good source for any of these that you and your fellow FNBers might be able to use, it’ll help us out a lot.

  • If you have a large kitchen or know people or places with a large kitchen that FNBers might be able to use, you could help fellow FNBers get together in that kitchen space. Food Not Bombs works better, and is more fun, when we can meet up in a bigger space to do the prep and cook together.

  • If you know somebody who is planning a political or community event, like a rally or march or festival, you could let them know about Food Not Bombs and encourage them to invite us to set up a table where we can talk with people at the event and share literature, free food, or both.

  • If you know people who put on community events like music shows or readings, you could help your fellow FNBers get the word out about what we do, and raise funds for the project, by arranging benefits or just getting a tabling event set up at one of the shows.

Let’s talk about what’s going on, what interests you, and how fellow FNBers can help you with it. You can sign up online from this web page, or you can reach local Food Not Bombers through our contact page, or you can also reach Joey directly at (702) 461-3249 or