Donate to Food Not Bombs Las Vegas

With all the businesses that have shut down over coronavirus restrictions and the accompanying unemployment, the sort of mutual aid and acts of sharing that Food Not Bombs has been carrying out for decades are needed now more than ever.

Here in Southern Nevada, members of Food Not Bombs Las Vegas have been helping assemble and distribute food, water, and necessary personal supplies at a rate well beyond our previous pace and frequency. This, of course, has resulted in a much higher level of need for such donations. In addition, there have also been increases in operating costs, which often have to be paid out of pocket by volunteers.

Those of us at Food Not Bombs Las Vegas very much appreciate any donation that you could spare to make it easier for us to help our neighbors. You can rest assured that they will be used to strengthen our community.

There are numerous other ways that stores, restaurants, other types of businesses, and individuals can help Food Not Bombs Las Vegas aid those in need within our community(s). Obviously, due to the current situation regarding precautions against spreading Covid-19 (Coronavirus), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and personal cleanser/disinfectant products are very much in need.

Other typical needs include:

• Disposable food containers, having some of these on hand allow people to take back leftovers so nothing goes to waste.

• Disposable dinner plates

• Disposable bowls for soup or chili

• Paper towels

• Re-usable dinner plates or bowls, hard plastic or ceramic

• Re-usable forks, spoons, and knives

• Folding tables

• Spices! Specifically, Italian Seasonings, Garlic Powder, Pepper and Salt

• Specifically produce and high protein stuff like tofu, seitan, and canned/dried beans

• Water

• Sanitary Supplies (soap, wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.)

You can also reach Joey directly at (702) 461-3249 or to facilitate any donations you might have available.