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Feeding the Revolution

Food Not Bombs is an international, all volunteer movement that traces its history back to individuals in the Boston area, who were advocating against militarization and for nuclear disarmament in the early 1980's. The group that would eventually become Food Not Bombs originally began incorporating the sharing of food in order to demonstrate that the money spent to fund the military could very easily instead be used to feed all those who go hungry due to poverty (many times over).

Over the years, other benefits of food sharing, such as the strengthening of the communities in which we live, and fostering of independence within our neighborhoods, as well as limiting of waste, have also become major focuses for the Food Not Bombs movement.

Today, Food Not Bombs chapters can be found in over 1000 cities within 65 different countries. Although local groups operate under similar principals and goals, one of those principals is that there are no established "leaders" and that each chapter acts autonomously according to what they feel best suits their members and the communities they serve.

About Food Not Bombs Las Vegas

Food Not Bombs Las Vegas is the Vegas Valley's local Food Not Bombs network. FNBLV is a grassroots mutual aid project based on recovering and sharing free food that would otherwise go to waste.

We serve free vegan or vegetarian meals in public spaces; such as city parks, distribute food to people in need, and provide food at activist events, politically-conscious shows and social gatherings, and anywhere else we are invited. In order to do so, we recover food from stores and restaurants that is still good to eat, but can no longer be sold, and use it to make hot, fresh vegetable-based meals.

Our organization operates under the principles of leaderless consensus and nonviolent direct action. We oppose militarization, the criminalization of poor and homeless people, promote peace, discourage unnecessary waste of food and other vital resources, and strive to build community through voluntary mutual aid.

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